Wednesday, 26 June 2013

An Evening With A Blue-throated Barbet

A few years back, an unexpected visitor had created a lot of excitement on an otherwise perfectly normal evening.
In the office

What's so great about the outdoors anyway?

A blue-throated barbet, a young one from its size, made its way into our building.

It was a rather placid bird and did not show any inclination to leave even when we opened the windows and tried to shoo it away. It simply sat that as though it was a brilliant flame, frozen in time, green and blue and red, a tiny jeweled toned statue in an office space.
Sitting pretty

Brilliant plumage

It even allowed Jon, an office staff, to pick it up and continued perching comfortably on his fingers.

The barbet perching on Jon's hand

Finally, as the evening was turning to dusk, Jon used a ladder to put the barbet up a tall tree in the back garden. It continued to sit there and we kept watching it till it was too dark to see.
Jon puts the barbet in the tree

The barbet in the tree

What a strange little bird it was, unafraid, as though it was sure we wouldn't hurt it. I suppose it went back to its family, laughing at the worried faces of the elders, "See, I told you humans weren't all that bad".
What a strange evening... 

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  1. Good one dear. Enjoyed as if I was there while reading through.......


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