Friday, 12 July 2013

A half day trip to Technik Museum Speyer: A Car Museum in Germany by Atanu B

Willkommen im Museum Speyer

Guest post by Atanu Bhattacharyya

“Today I will take you to some place, you will really like.” said my German colleague, responsible for Automotive Business in Germany. I had gone to Germany to attend our International Market Meeting. On the last day of our conference, this colleague and I went to our production plant in Kaiserslautern. After lunch he offered me a half day trip with him.

During my visit in Germany we normally stay in Weinheim. It is a very beautiful but small city (town) with two castles on a hill top. I had explored all possible places in Weinheim during my previous visit. So I accepted his proposal with an unknown excitement.

Small village

The speedometer was, for most parts, between 180 to 200 kms per hour. It was a time of December. The outside temperature was around 5 degree centigrade though we were nice and warm with seat heaters inside the car. I opened the window to take some snaps. But it was like a cold air sword touching our bare faces. So, I closed the window and started taking pictures from behind the glass window shield.

A vineyard
We were leaving behind small European villages and vineyards touching the horizon.

Almost after two hours of driving, we reached our destination. After realizing (when I saw the board) where we were going to, I thanked my colleague for choosing that place.

 You see, I am a car lover – from vintage car rallies to modern car expos, I am always an enthusiastic visitor. And here I was at the Technik Museum Speyer - one of the dream lands for the car lovers. Not only cars, there were from space shuttle (BURAN) to locomotives (old steam engines), from airplanes (Boeing 747) to motorbikes, from vintage cars to future car models. We could see everything under one roof.

A vintage race car

Buran Space Shuttle (source: http://speyer.technik-museum deenenspaceshuttle-buran)
Boeying 747
An old scooter from Scotland Yard
We entered into the space shuttle; we felt the royal comfort of Rolls Royce; we touched the oldest model of Mercedes Benz, Heinkel Bubble, BMW, Limousines and Harley Davidson.
Vintage BMW
Vintage BMW

Vintage Mercedes Benz
Vintage Mercedes Benz
Vintage Mercedes Benz
We roamed for almost three hours inside the museum. But I think technology and vintage car lovers should reserve one full day to feel the actual charm of the museum.

Bird's eye view of the vintage car section
Then we went to the cafeteria and had a very good coffee with some snacks.

It was six and the closing announcement had already started from past twenty minutes. So we zipped our jackets and started walking towards the parking spot, happy and some what awed by all that I saw there.

If someone is traveling to the south of Germany and has fascination with the vintage cars then she/ he must visit that museum. It is open for 365 days from 9am to 6pm and weekends till 7 pm. The entry fees are 14 Euro per person. 

If you are going to Technik Museum Speyer and have some time in your hands, then you can have a good experience of IMAX Dome Theatre. As we planned our trip for half a day we could not get the time to watch a documentary projected on a dome instead of flat screen but it comes highly recommended and worth the try if you have the chance.

About the author:
Atanu is an engineer by training who works in a German company. He frequently travels to Germany and to different parts of India on business. He loves to explore unknown places and is always hungry to taste the local cuisine. I hope he will contribute more articles on his travels for the readers of this blog.  


  1. You have stirred a fresh desire in me to visit this one. Someday I'll be there and thank you again for the information you passed on through this post.

  2. It was nice to see the auto museum through your eyes. Expect to see some more....


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