Friday, 12 July 2013

Kolkata Diaries

Kolkata is a strange city. It is not a city that outsiders are commonly too fond of... yet, if you are from the city and you live somewhere else, you pine for Kolkata. At first glance, Kolkata's glory days seem to be over. It seems to be a tired city, lack-lustre and stagnant, trying to hold on to a time long past, remembering achievements long forgotten... but do not write off Kolkata yet... Kolkata is an acquired taste, it grows slowly on you, through sipping garam cha by the lake while catching up on the local adda to getting inhaling bucket-loads of dust beside fellow book-lovers at the annual book fair to glorious festivals that rival any of the greatest carnival shows on Earth ... you will not be able to identify the time you fell in love with the City of Joy ... and one Sunday, after lunch, when you are yearning for that mishti doi, you will know that Kolkata has indeed become a part of you.
This series will focus entirely on Kolkata, the place where I have lived for the first twenty odd years of my life, my hometown... a much maligned and misunderstood city that I cant help but love despite all its faults.
I hope I will be able to give you a glimpse of this city that will inspire you to come visit.
Till next time,
Happy living...

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