Thursday, 25 July 2013

The Dumpling Story

There are some stories that just beg to be told. The dumpling story is one such, at least to the three of us who were involved in it.

I was leaving Aachen in a few days, having wrapped up my Masters Thesis.

We are all sad and nostalgic, taking walks, planning future meets, etc when Am and Kath decide to throw me a little going away party at Kath's place.
Here is how I imagine the conversation to have proceeded like:
[Am: Maharashtrian boy
 Kath: German girl]
Kath: Anwesha loves German food. What say we cook her something German.
Am: Sure. What?
Kath: Umm, I am thinking something traditional with beef and pork, you know lots of meat, just how she     likes it.
Am: Great. You handle the food and I will bring the wine. Oh, by the way, if you are cooking with beef and pork, could you perhaps make mine a vegetarian version?
Kath: Sure, no problem.


Anyway, so I arrive at the farewell party. Kath is cooking traditional German dumplings, a potato mash filled with spiced beef mince with a sauce made of bacon and cream. Everything smells great and fantastic. The portions are generous and I am drooling.
Soon Am arrives with a few bottles of wine, you never know how many bottles we'll go through when thereis good food to be had.
Cue sentimental stories and photo sessions and general reminiscing that every good farewell party needs and then it is time to eat.

Traditional German mince dumpling
The food tastes awesome. The potato is thick and creamy, the mince rich and the sauce, an amazing bacony decadence. The three wine option Am has brought are lovely and goes perfectly with the food. I am happy. Kath is happy. Am is... all too quiet. I realise he hasn't spoken in a while. We turn and see him staring at his plate, a slightly shocked/dazed look on his face. Kath has kept her word and cooked him a vegetarian version. Am has all the wine he can drink and a big lump of baked potato swimming in a bowl of milk.

Dedicated to my darling friends whom I love very much. Thank you for making my stay and last days at Aachen so very memorable and more often than not, filled with ridiculously funny mishaps.

A farewell to remember with Am and Kath


  1. A loving moment nicely shared. It also shows what you may miss if you have your mind closed.
    Lesson I learnt : Keep your mind open and live the Only Life to the Brim.
    Hungry more more such reminiscences.

  2. Loved the way you shared. Let the friendship continue..... Best.


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