Wednesday, 7 August 2013

A Week in Vienna: Karlskirche - A stunning baroque church

In Karlsplatz, Vienna stands St. Charles's Church, locally known as Karlskirche, decidedly less well known than its more famous cousin Stephansdom.
The church is unique in its design with Greek and Roman influences in its architecture. Viennese baroque style is evident in the green copper dome that rises over two hundred feet in the air.


The real star of the church for me is its interior. To better students of art, the interior may not seem as striking as it did to my untrained eye. I did not see too many styles of painting and themes since I did not know how to distinguish them. To my eyes, the interior of the dome was a brilliant canvas.

The church was under renovation during my visit in April 2010 and as per recent travelers' updates, the renovations are still ongoing as of August 2013. This is one historic site where renovation provides visitors with a curious benefit. The workman's staircase and an elevator (ride priced at 8 euro as of August 2013) allows visitor up close and personal access to the frescoes on the top, allowing for some stunning views and photography options. A word of warning though, the elevator only goes up to a viewing platform, beyond which, one needs to take the stairs.

I leave you now with a few pictures of my visit to Karlskirche.

Interior, Karlskirche Vienna

Interior, Karlskirche Vienna

Scaffolding and elevator to the top, Interior, Karlskirche Vienna

Stairway to heaven, Interior, Karlskirche Vienna

Top of the frescoed dome,  Karlskirche Vienna

The frescoed dome,  Karlskirche Vienna

The frescoed dome,  Karlskirche Vienna

The frescoed dome,  Karlskirche Vienna

View from the top of the frescoed dome,  Karlskirche Vienna

The frescoed dome,  Karlskirche Vienna
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Have you been to Karlskirche, Vienna? What is your favorite church for art? Do share in the comments below.

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