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A Week in Vienna: Visit to Naschmarkt, Vienna

In the April of 2010, I was in Vienna, Austria for a week, attending a conference followed by a quick holiday. While there, I made it a point to leave one Saturday on my calendar completely free? Why? Because Saturday is absolutely the best day to visit what could arguably be the most famous market in Vienna - Naschmarkt.

The origin of Naschmarkt can be dated back to the 16th century and for ages, this market was known for its fish and vegetable produce. Today however, there are well over a hundred stalls selling all kinds of local and foreign food products from meat to cheese to spices from the world over. There are several restaurants and delis inside the market area where you can grab a quick bite to eat or relax with a mug of beer and watch the people go by.


A deli inside the Naschmarkt
A visit to the Naschmarkt alone is an experience but come Saturday, the area adjacent to Naschmarkt hosts a large flea market. The flea market and the regular food market spills onto each other making the area over one and a half kilometer stretch of sensory overload.

I went absolutely crazy there and only my meager student budget prevented me from trying everything or buying anything that caught my fancy. After a hard morning's walk, I had for lunch, at a deli inside the Naschmarkt, a generous portion of Weiner Schnitzel cooked to golden crispy juicey perfection served in the traditional style with lemon

Naschmarkt is best experienced in person and no amount of hyperbole will ever describe the excitement of a visit there. I will leave you, my dear readers, with the next best thing - a few photographs of my day there.

Fleamarket at Naschmarkt on Saturday

Assorted books, Asian masks, Hindu idols, colorful sweatshirts, pocket watches and trinkets at the Fleamarket

A tuba, a violin, an old sewing machine and a typewriter for sale

Stuffed squirrels and even a bear skin is sold alongside old trinkets

Seafood at Naschmarkt, Vienna
Seafood at Naschmarkt, Vienna

Prawns and Calamari at Naschmarkt, Vienna

Baby Octopi at Naschmarkt, Vienna

Oysters at Naschmarkt, Vienna

Served cold with a dash of lemon,
heaven at Naschmarkt, Vienna

World Food: Greek, Indian, Japanese and Italian 

The Cheese at Naschamrkt, Vienna

Have a taste?

Anything that can be wrapped around cheese
has been wrapped around cheese
Sweet dried fruit candy - sugar rush

Turkish Baklava
For your sweet tooth

Have you been to the Naschmarkt? What is your favorite market to go to? Do share in the comments below.

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Happy Travelling.

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  1. Nice post, market looks so colorful and lively.

    1. Thank you, it is such a exciting place to visit.


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